Hunting Guide – Best Rifle Calibers for North American Big Game

The 12 Most Expensive Guns Ever Sold

Most expensive guns ever sold

The 12 Most Expensive Guns Ever Sold For some, guns are more than just tools for hunting or self-defense, they are an object worth collecting, be it out of purely sentimental reasons or as a form of investment (or a bit of both). Unsurprisingly, guns that are rare to find or carry immense historical significance… read more

Best AR-15 Accessories 2020

Best AR-15 Accessories

Thanks to its excellent versatility, relatively low maintenance, and almost legendary modularity, the AR-15 has been among the most produced rifles in history.

Best AR-15 Style Rifles (2020 Guide)

Best AR-15 Style Rifles

Best AR-15 Style Rifles (2020 Guide) An AR-15 style rifle is any lightweight semi-auto rifle that has its design based on the original ArmaLite AR-15. With so many choices nowadays, it can be difficult to decide on which AR-15 style rifle might be the best for you. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the… read more