Proper Powder Storage

Proper Powder Storage

Proper Powder Storage Some of us may leave powder in our hoppers when we are done loading for the day. Here are a number possible problems from leaving powder in the hopper. Powder attacking the plastic hopper and degrading the powder. Nitrocellulose powders are extruded thru use of a solvent, Acetone mainly, to soften it and… read more

Subscribe And Save

Subscribe And Save

Subscribe And Save With the rise in popularity of Amazon subscription programs, you can get nearly anything on a reoccurring schedule. The problem for gun owners: Amazon does not sell ammunition. We recognized this fact and built a service providing gun owners with a regular purchase program for select ammunition. Our program gives firearm enthusiasts… read more

8 Tips For Flying With A Firearm

From our friends at There is a misconception out there that traveling with a firearm is difficult or a pain in the ass. In my opinion this could not be further from the truth. Recent changes by the TSA have made it even easier then it was before. With just a little bit of pre-trip planning, you… read more

Selecting a powder

selecting a powder

When selecting a powder it is important to consider the shape of the particles called granules. All powder measures achieve their drop weight by filling a cavity or an adjustable vile having a quantifiable volume with powder. The physical shape of the granules are a part of the manufacturing process and due to their physical… read more

Unsupported Chambers

unsupported chambers

A chamber provides full cartridge case support only if the case is supported down to the level of the INSIDE BOTTOM of the case, which typically is about 0.05-inch (one-twentieth inch) above the start of the case extraction groove outside. Thus any chamber that provides case support all the way down to the extraction groove… read more

Gas Checks

gas checks

Gas Checks – Enhance Bullet Performance Gas Checks, as we know them today, are small precisely made copper cups that fit on the base of the bullet. Gas checks are used when non-jacketed bullets are used in high pressure cartridges. Gas Checks are a method of enhancing the bullet performance by sealing the base of… read more

Understanding Firearm Headspace

Understanding Firearm Headspace Headspace is one of the most critical measurements in your firearm. The definition of headspace: the distance from the face of the locked bolt to a datum line or shoulder in the chamber that arrests the forward movement of the cartridge. The term originated when all cartridges had protruding rims, so the… read more

Removing Primer Pocket Crimps

Removing Primer Pocket Crimps All military brass and some commercial ammunition has crimped or “staked” primers. The crimp helps to hold the primer in when headspace is deliberately loose or just got that way. Military ammo can get a rough ride and anything to hold it together – from crimps to tar bullet seals – helps…. read more


458 SOCOM, SUBSONIC 458 SOCOM 350 gr RS (Box of 20)

Looking to get into a 458 SOCOM. Check out the review of the CMMG MkW-15 XBE ANVIL from The Truth about Guns. And don’t forget to grab a box or two of our Subsonic 458 SOCOM ammo for your next range trip or hog hunt!