1 Million Rounds Per Minute – Introducing the Metal Storm Gun

Best Scopes for Hunting Rifles – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Scopes for Hunting Rifles

For any hunter, a rifle scope is a worthwhile investment, enhancing accuracy, extending the firearm’s shooting range as well as greatly improving the chances of landing a successful kill. Unsurprisingly, over the years, rifle scopes have rapidly risen in popularity, and nowadays, you will find on the market, optics of every size, shape, and budget. … read more

The 12 Most Expensive Guns Ever Sold

Most expensive guns ever sold

The 12 Most Expensive Guns Ever Sold For some, guns are more than just tools for hunting or self-defense, they are an object worth collecting, be it out of purely sentimental reasons or as a form of investment (or a bit of both). Unsurprisingly, guns that are rare to find or carry immense historical significance… read more