We all love a good mystery.




All boxes contain live ammunition. All Local, State, and Federal laws apply!

We all love a good mystery. Many of us can’t resist the “what’s in the box” feeling anytime we get a package in the mail. Imagine if you could make every delivery a true surprise? You can with our Black Friday boxes. These boxes are specially curated to bring you joy and fun without the pressure you would usually feel to pick just the right thing.

NOTE: It is an adventure about courage and luck! All products in our box are randomly selected, which is the charm of surprise. If you want to get a surprise, our box is your best choice, you may have a chance to get a big surprise. However, if you are unwilling to take risks and expect too much, this game may not be for you. We create surprises, but we are not the messengers of dreams!

WILL GET: 60% chance≥ the value of payment. 30% chance = 1.5 times the value of payment. 8% chance = 2 times the value of payment, 2% chance = win a mysterious prize!

WE PROMISE: The value of the items in your package is the same as the price you bought!

Why choose Detroit Ammo Co?

We are the first multi-vendor marketplace where Federal Firearms Licensed manufacturers are able to sell products free from discrimination.


Our entire site uses 128bit encryption to keep our customers’ data safe and secure.


Protect your purchase and peace of mind for only 1.5% of the total order cost.


Our trusted FFL manufacturers stock our marketplace with quality, accurate ammo.