Drum of 223/556 Once fired brass

by Fast Brass Products LLC.|Item # 223DUP




Each drum contains approximately 40,000 pieces of unprocessed 223/5.56 brass. This brass was sourced from commercial shooting ranges and or auctions.  Brass has not been resized and still contains the spent primer. This brass contains different manufacturer’s headstamps. It is recommended that all brass be inspected prior to being reloaded and fired. (Free Freight shipping included)

If you choose for us to recondition your brass. The brass will be processed through our Camdex machines and washed.

What does Camdex Processed mean?

Short version – It loads like brand new commercial brass. No primer crimps, everything will case gauge, no cracks, no off caliber.

Long version – The machine is widely used in the ammunition remanufacturing industry to recondition brass prior to loading. It does many operations in sequence to ensure you have top quality brass ready to feed into your reloading equipment without worry. Here is the list of operations in sequence:

Berdan primer/foreign object check.
Berdan primer ejection from the machine
Split and Short case check
Split case ejection from the machine
Resize and decapping
Ringer check
Primer pocket swaging and full length resize
Full length/base resizing

WARNING – This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www. P65Warnings.ca.gov and see: Warning

Additional information

Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in
Optional service



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