Modern Spartan Systems – Starter Kit Plus

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A STARTER KIT PLUS™ is the TOTAL GREEN PACKAGE of technologies all contained in a convenient click-box! Using our “clean/lube SYSTEM” of awesome chemistry is an investment that goes way beyond simple “maintenance” and into firearm “OPTIMIZATION”. Benefits include things like

• Improved ACCURACY (90-95% of the time)


• Super smooth action – great FEEL

• Extended barrel life (up to 15-500%)

• More FREE time (cuts cleaning time by 50-75%)




Modern Spartan Systems Starter Kit Plus

REDUCING FRICTION is the KEY.  This is the ONLY CHEMISTRY on the PLANET that affects and enhances the PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE of any firearm it is used on.  Very simply our cleaners DEEP CLEAN to get a near pure surface, and the nano molecules in the Accuracy Oil and Accuracy Grease CUT FRICTION by 90% and leave a LOW STICK SURFACE – this is documented and extreme.  WHEN you do this to the metal components in a gun you get GREAT RESULTS.  (No other products on the market can do this – PLUS this stuff is GREEN).

This kit is the best because it has everything you need to bring your guns up to the next level of performance and keep them there.  It is our #1 selling product.  What separates the chemistry in this kit from everything else on the market is that each product plays a key part in the “system.”  The “system” produces a significant number of unique and valuable benefits to users that no one else can replicate.


  • Carbon Destroyer™ is typically referred to by people in the industry as “the best they have ever used.” (Have you ever seen a gun cleaner remove Cosmoline? – ours does.)
  • Accuracy Oil™ & Accuracy Grease™ reduce friction by around 90% and protect the metal from wear, and give the metal a low-stick surface, usually getting the WOW factor.
  • Copper/Lead Destroyer™ is fantastic – It might take a little longer in some cases but will not etch metal or etch the inside of your brain, like some copper removers can sadly do.
  • Crystal Clear™ is the favorite of many gunsmiths and armorers too – safe on optics with specialty coatings, slightly anti-fog and anti-static, and can be used to clean glasses, sun-glasses, smart phones, and the exterior of your firearms.


Testimonials Worth Reading

I’m really sorry to just now be putting this together for you but wanted to use your products a little more before sending it. I contacted you thanks to a friend (Steve Gaspar) and you sent out a starter kit that I have done nothing but use the hell out of on all sorts of weapon systems. 

I was 1-503rd IN 173rd Airborne out of Italy where I was a Fireteam Leader and Gun Team Leader. I extensively used the carbon destroyer and copper/lead destroyer on my M4 and my gun I was in control of (M240L), I used them on our M249s as well, but the M240 was mine and so I was selfish. I would first use break cleaner to remove any surface carbon and copper, after that I would apply carbon destroyer as intended. The remaining carbon would wipe off with a cloth. I would repeat the process with the copper destroyer in certain areas with amazing results. I have never seen a product remove the carbon as easily and effortlessly as the carbon destroyer. It is a very impressive product that had everyone amazed and wanting to buy it after I would talk about it then show what it was doing.

Now for the accuracy oil. The stuff is pretty badass. Unfortunately, I can’t necessarily say it has made 3″ guns into 1/2″ guns, but I can tell you it has made rough actions smooth and smooth actions like butter. I’m currently service in the 82nd Airborne as a Designated Marksman with small team for 1st Brigade Recon. I have coated the actions and barrel of our M2010s and M110s, both have substantially smoother actions now. I have used it on my personal LaRue OBR and Custom 300Norma with both of those rifles shooting 1/4″ and being butter smooth thanks to the accuracy oil. 

I have used Crystal clear on about every type of lenses available from my Oakley Eyepro to million dollar optic systems, however I mainly use it on our long guns and spotting optics. I have never had a problem with the coatings causing discoloration or streaks. It has cleaned all surfaces and made them as clear as possible with very little effort. I use it on everything.

While using all products from modern Spartan system, I have gotten nothing by compliments and people wanting to buy your products. Of those, I do nothing but show off and recommend your products and am confident that your products work flawlessly in all conditions because I have used them all in the worst, hardest conditions anyone can put them through. 

Thank you for the sample kit I got so long ago and thank you for making amazing products. I hope this helps in some way and goes to show your products are kick-ass and there is nothing else on the market like them (trust me, I have tried them all). 

                 Thank You – Phillip Decker – 1-503rd IN 173rd Airborne


In an operation where firearms are required only two things count—consistent accuracy and functionality! My group has tested and used these formulas for over 18 months in the most difficult environments and hostile situations from the tropics to the desert, from the mountains to the jungle. We applied the total MSS system (cleaners and lubricants) to weapons ranging from .338’s to our SS226, from MP5SD’s to our HK MK23’s and M-4’s. We have consistently attained higher velocities, smaller shot groups, cleaner operation, and overall greater accuracy from all weapons.

We have had only one functional stoppage in tens of thousands of rounds and that was due to a misguided rock. The Carbon Destroyer cleans better than anything we have ever used. The difference in performance is demonstrative across the board. Take the test yourself, clean your weapon with your normal kit, then clean it again with MSS and see the difference for yourself. I’ll leave the scientific stuff to the scientist. This stuff works in the real world!

               Thom Hawke – military


Tried out the Modern Spartan Systems firearm cleaning kit. Man, this is some good stuff! The Crystal Clear cleaner left my optics spotless and cleaned off the Alaska debris making it ready for my next hunting adventure. The Spartan Accuracy Grease was applied to my bolt on where it meets the action. Now my bolt glides with each reload. The Carbon Destroyer removed all carbon as advertised on the bottle leaving the inside of my barrel shiny. What an outstanding kit. I’ll be taking this to work to help clean my work guns. Thanks again!!

            Current 160th “Night stalker” pilot


Spartan lube is an amazing product. It will tighten your groups and extend the life of your barrel and firearm. I’ve been using it on my precision rifles, and it is amazing.

         Charlie Melton – Seal-Sniper/Instructor – Charlie Mike Precision


At first, I was skeptical of the major claims made by the company, but after learning about their technologies I wanted to try them. I am extremely glad I did. I use Accuracy Oil, Carbon Destroyer… on my firearms, in the manufacturing process, and their TVT engine formula in my custom-built high-performance vehicles. Accuracy, reliability, metal protection, fast clean-up… it is all 100% TRUE!

         Brad Stair – Performance Guns


I was more than impressed with the Modern Spartan System’s formulas. They make the claims of accuracy, reliability, and performance. With five (5) treatments to the barrel of my MK12 Head Down Products rifle, I tightened my groups sizes from just at 1 M.O.A at 100 yards to just under .5 M.O.A. I will never use any other cleaning system again, and I definitely recommend these products to anyone looking to increase reliability and accuracy in their firearms.

            Creighton Greene – Marine Corps Scout Sniper


As Marines we like to talk about being the ‘Tip of the Spear’ in battle. I was skeptical, but after seeing ‘real time’ improved shooting accuracy, these products will literally make us sharper and more dangerous as that tip. I could not be more excited about these MSS products.                      

            Joe Houle – 16 year Marine sniper

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