NEW Subsonic 5.7x28mm

by Detroit Ammunition Company|Item # SB193


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NEW Subsonic 5.7x28mm

Manufacturer: Triple R Munitions, Inc
Condition: NEW
Bullet Weight: 55 Grain
Bullet Type: FMJ
Ammo Casing: Brass
Quantity: 20 ROUNDS
Ammo Caliber: 5.7x28mm
Primer Type: Boxer
Velocity: 1000 Ft/s


This subsonic ammunition is intended for suppressed Short Barrel Rifles (SBR). 16” barrel rifles will function differently with subsonic and super sonic ammo. If you are unsure how your rifle will perform please check with the firearm manufacture.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2.0000 × 2.0000 × 2.0000 in

10 reviews for NEW Subsonic 5.7x28mm

  1. rduplichan (verified owner)

    Ran just fine in my Ruger 57. I should have bought more!

  2. rcosmar (verified owner)

    This ammo ran fine in my gun. My only complaint is that I couldn’t see an appreciable difference in sound from super to subsonic. Actually thought I had loaded super in the second mag to test function and sound suppression. Not sure I can see any reason to pay double the price for the same amount of ammo with no significant change in sound suppression. I will have to put a decibel meter to it to see.

  3. claywatkins (verified owner)

    Ordered these and I run them in my cmmg 5.7 with a axiom suppressor. And it’s stupid quiet. Like a mouse pissing on cotton quiet.

  4. (verified owner)

    So, as a pro, it’s quiet…I mean .22 sub suppressed quiet. Now for the cons: 1. It does not cycle in my FN FiveSeven with my Silencerco Spectre II. 2. Often ends up with a failure in a jam as mentioned in another review resulting in the need to drop the mag to clear it. 3. Couldn’t hit a 6″ ar500 steel from 25 feet away to save my life. Switch to standard 5.7 ammo from Federal or FNH and can hit it from that distance and further all day long. Cross verified this with another couple of shooters until the expensive sub ammo was exhausted and in the end, I wouldn’t be using this ammo to kill anything but a target almost barrel’s length away.

  5. Nickolas Pulver (verified owner)

    Great for a ps90 with a short barrel and YHM Phantom. No issues and very quiet.

  6. John DS

    I wanted to share my experience with Detroit.
    1st Philip Farnham please read! This ammo is intended for rifles!
    2nd. Hands down best customer service of any ammo company that I have experienced!
    3rd. It cycles my sbr’d ps90 with Sparrow SS

  7. This is so much cheaper than using SB193 ammo. It’s more than 1/3 the cost and seemed to perform just as well. No problems with cycling of the AR57 SBR with a suppressor. Will buy again for sure.

  8. Anonymous

    If you are looking for subsonic 5.7x28mm this is the stuff to buy. No issues cycling. Dead on accurate. More affordable than competitor brands. Must have for anyone! Shot out of a PS90 SBR with a Griffin Armament M4SDII

  9. Tom Hatfield

    I was pleasantly surprised when I used these in my 12.5” AR57 upper with and without a suppressor. They all feed and functioned flawlessly. Sounded like a 22LR Will continue to purchase more.

  10. Philip Farnham

    I bought this sub-sonic 5.7 ammo to use in my FN Five Seven pistol with a suppressor. While I liked the suppression, these rounds did not seem to have enough power to fully cycle the pistol, resulting in stovepipe jams and failures to fire.

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