Subsonic Controlled Fracturing 50 BMG 725gr

by Detroit Ammunition Company|Item # TRM50BMG725


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Subsonic Controlled Fracturing 50 BMG 725gr

Manufacturer: Triple R Munitions, Inc
Condition: Factory Remanufactured
Bullet Weight: 725 Grain
Bullet Type: Lehigh Controlled Fracturing
Ammo Casing: Brass
Quantity: 10
Ammo Caliber: 50 BMG
Velocity: 1020 Ft/s

No surplus powders or primers are used to build our ammunition. The powders that are used are often better than those of many OEM manufacturers, producing the best subsonic round available!

This ammunition will not cycle the action of semi or full auto firearms


If people are feeling it worthwhile to moderate the noise of their 9mm or .45 pistols, let alone their .300 Blackout (and other) caliber rifles, imagine the potential impact to the chest thumping .50 BMG caliber!

The .50 hasn’t been a big suppressor caliber in the civilian world, to date, unlike the pistol and other rifle calibers. But if there is one caliber that just screams for sound reduction, it’s the .50 BMG caliber. One explanation for this gap is due to the ammunition. To really take advantage of the hearing benefits of a suppressor, you need to eliminate the supersonic crack of the bullet passing out of the muzzle and through the air. The suppressor just deals with the noise of the propellant gas being expelled. (Two different components of “noise” to be dealt with here.)

Made In United States of America

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

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Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 6.0000 × 6.0000 × 6.0000 in


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