Wholesale Advantage Program

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**Wholesale Advantage Program: Elevate Your Retail Experience with Tiered Pricing**

Discover the Wholesale Advantage Program – your gateway to unparalleled savings, convenience, and a tiered pricing system tailored to enhance your retail success. Elevate your business with our premium membership that offers a year of free shipping on online orders and select products. For an annual fee of just $99, unlock a world of benefits designed to maximize your profit margins and streamline your operations.

**Program Highlights:**

1. **Online Exclusive Savings:** Invest in success with our Wholesale Advantage Program for just $99/year. This membership is tailored to retailers who understand the power of efficiency and savings.

2. **Free Shipping on Online Orders:** Wave goodbye to shipping costs for all your online orders. We’ve got shipping covered, allowing you to focus on growing your business without worrying about extra expenses.

3. **Curated Selection of Products:** Access a handpicked assortment of high-demand products that are poised to resonate with your customers. Our curated selection empowers you to meet your customers’ needs effectively.

4. **Tiered Pricing System:** Enjoy competitive rates that suit your order size for DAC and select products.
– Orders between $1 and $499: 5% discount
– Orders between $500 and $1000: 10% discount
– Orders of $1001 or more: 15% discount

5. **Empower Your Profit Margins:** By eliminating shipping expenses and offering tiered pricing, you’re setting the stage for healthier profit margins. Take control of your pricing strategy and stay ahead in a competitive market.

6. **Simplified Transactions:** Our seamless ordering and shipping process ensures that managing your online wholesale business is a smooth and hassle-free experience. Spend more time on what matters most – serving your customers.

7. **Year-Long Advantages:** The Wholesale Advantage Program keeps giving throughout the year, ensuring you can continuously enjoy free shipping, optimized pricing, and diversified product offerings.

**Why Wholesale Advantage?**

In the dynamic realm of online retail, every advantage counts. The Wholesale Advantage Program empowers you with the resources to thrive. With minimized shipping expenses, tiered pricing, and access to high-demand products, you can channel your energy into delivering an exceptional customer experience and expanding your brand presence.

**Join the Wholesale Advantage:**

Embrace the Wholesale Advantage Program today and revolutionize your online wholesale business. Unlock remarkable savings, diversify your product range, and seize the opportunity to maximize your profits with tiered pricing. Enroll now for an annual fee of just $99 and embark on a journey toward retail excellence.

Don’t miss this transformative opportunity. Sign up now and experience the future of retail.

*Please note it may take 24 hours for pricing to take effect.*

*Once you meet the pricing thresholds you will receive the discount and will reflect in your shopping cart prior to checking out. *

*Please note: The program does not cover Hazmat shipping fees.*

$99.00 / year and a $9.99 sign-up fee

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