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FT3 Tactical.

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FT3 Tactical Ammunition is manufactured locally in Stanton, California. Our experienced technicians make our ammunition to the highest standards. We guarantee our ammunition follows SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturers’ Institute) guidelines:

•We use the best powder available to reduce carbon build-up.
•Cases are pre-primed, new, or once-fired
•All our components are purchased from reputable suppliers

Our Quality Control department visually and hand-inspects every round for flaws, proper primer and bullet seating, and gage every round to ensure a proper and consistent feed.

FT3 Tactical Ammunition is high-quality ammunition at an affordable price. It is ammunition you can trust to perform when it counts. You may find cheaper, substandard ammunition elsewhere… but when you need ammunition you can count on, you need FT3 Tactical Ammunition.

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