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Dillon vs Lee vs Hornady

Posted Dec 5th, 2016

Dillon vs Lee vs Hornady

What’s the Deal?
Why bother? Some people like blue, others shades of red. Who cares?
Often, when a new reloader asks ‘what progressive should I buy’, the dillonophiles charge in – “don’t
think, just buy a Dillon.” “Dillon is the best.” “To sum up all Dillon equipment: If it’s blue, buy it!”
“Everything else is junk.” “…while the other is, well, a Lee.” “The Lee may do and it may suffice but is
not a Dillon period.” “There really is no comparison…it’s the Dillon.” “Umm….just buy a Dillon and be
done with it.” “Go Dillon or don’t bother.” “It’s Dillon or nothing.” “Dillon 550, you will buy one somme
[sic] day anyway.” “More Dillon envey [sic].” “Blue.” “One word: Dillon.” “The Dillon rocks the Lee, end of story.” “If you are not using or selecting a DILLON press then shame on you.” “Since it’s the only press
I’ve owned, I can’t help but recommend it.” “My soul is worth it.” These are actual quotes from my
favourite gun boards

I see three possible explanations for this: either people who spend a lot of money on a product feel
pressure to justify their purchase (pushing-back on buyer’s remorse), or Dillon presses are the best
thing since sliced bread, or Mike Dillon has outstanding marketing.
To be fair, Richard Lee has his fanboys – they are fewer in number and less febrile. I haven’t noticed
any widespread cheerleading with the Hornady LNL AP.
If a Dillon is really that good, I want one! If something else is going on, I want to put some real
information in front of people, to get past the cheerleading, so new reloaders can make a betterinformed

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