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Shipping Protection

Detroit Ammo Co’s Shipping Protection protects you against damaged deliveries, lost packages, or theft of your order.

Shipping protection offers you “peace of mind” package protection for all of your orders at an affordable price. The cost to you is only around 1.5% of the cart value (the minimum charge is $0.98) to fully protect your package in the event that it is lost, damaged, or stolen.

All issues must be reported within 60 days of the order date.

Ensure you report an issue within the respective deadlines:

  • Damaged: Within 15 days of when the package was marked delivered

  • Lost: Between 7 and 30 days from the last tracking update

  • Stolen: Between 5 and 15 days of when the package was marked delivered

We require these wait-to-file periods for stolen and lost orders as packages are sometimes delayed in transit or prematurely marked as delivered.

To make a claim or resolve an issue with an order, just fill out the form at Contact Us page and we’ll help you with your order issues!