Dillon vs Lee vs Hornady

What’s the Deal?
Why bother? Some people like blue, others shades of red. Who cares?
Often, when a new reloader asks ‘what progressive should I buy’, the dillonophiles charge in – “don’t
think, just buy a Dillon.” “Dillon is the best.” “To sum up all Dillon equipment: If it’s blue, buy it!”
“Everything else is junk.” “…while the other is, well, a Lee.” “The Lee may do and it may suffice but is
not a Dillon period.” “There really is no comparison…it’s the Dillon.” “Umm….just buy a Dillon and be
done with it.” “Go Dillon or don’t bother.” “It’s Dillon or nothing.” “Dillon 550, you will buy one somme
[sic] day anyway.” “More Dillon envey [sic].” “Blue.” “One word: Dillon.” “The Dillon rocks the Lee, end of
story.” “If you are not using or selecting a DILLON press then shame on you.” “Since it’s the only press
I’ve owned, I can’t help but recommend it.” “My soul is worth it.” These are actual quotes from my
favourite gun boards
I see three possible explanations for this: either people who spend a lot of money on a product feel
pressure to justify their purchase (pushing-back on buyer’s remorse), or Dillon presses are the best
thing since sliced bread, or Mike Dillon has outstanding marketing.
To be fair, Richard Lee has his fanboys – they are fewer in number and less febrile. I haven’t noticed
any widespread cheerleading with the Hornady LNL AP.
If a Dillon is really that good, I want one! If something else is going on, I want to put some real
information in front of people, to get past the cheerleading, so new reloaders can make a betterinformed

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