9mm Luger Brass processing service

by Detroit Ammunition Company|Item # BP9X191K




9mm Luger Brass processing service

Don’t have time or equipment needed to process your own 9mm luger brass. Look no further we will do it for you. We will full length resize, deprime, and swage the primer pockets, then tumble them in stainless steel media.


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1 unit placed in your cart is for us to process up to 1000 pieces of your 9mm luger brass sent to us.

Steel, Aluminium, or Berdan cases will not be processed.

Once you have made your purchase.

We recommend shipping your brass to us in a flat rate box from the United States Postal Service.

Include a copy of your receipt with your brass.

Ship brass to:

Detroit Ammunition Company

P.O. Box 871

South lyon, Mi 48178

Turn around time is 2-4 weeks once we receive your brass.

If you choose to have us prime your brass a small pistol primer will be used. Brand of primers used may vary depending on availability.

Keep in mind you are responsible for the items you are sending until it reaches us at the address provided. We recommend purchasing insurance for high value shipments. If we do not receive your brass within 30 days of purchase your order will be cancelled and you will be given a refund in the form of a in store credit.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in
Optional service


3 reviews for 9mm Luger Brass processing service

  1. Geo (verified owner)

    Could not be more pleased! Honestly i was expecting great service given the recommendations i had read but what i received in the mail blew my mind. I have more brass already in the mail headed their way!

  2. Steve C.

    This is my second shipment of processed brass from Detroit Ammo Co and it’s just as good as the first. The brass looks like new, it was uncontaminated by tumbler media and it was great that all the 380’s were screened out and returned.

    And, they were primed with my brand – CCI 500’s.

    This brass processing service is an excellent time saver, allowing me to reload quickly and painlessly.

    Thanks for the superb service.


  3. Aaron B.

    So I just got my first round of brass back from these guys with around 5k cases of good processed 9mm brass. What I sent them was one full large flat rate (~5500) dirty range pickups. I have one of the shake sorters that sorts by diameter so that had a bunch of 380 and 38 super mixed in as well as tons of crimped primer pocket brass. In my process, I would need to sort by head stamp (to eliminate crimped primers) and hand sort out the 380, inspect for damage, and then clean. To do this much brass would have taken me 20 hours of work, easily. I purchased 5X the 1k processing package, filled up the flat rate box with 50lbs of rough sorted brass (from my days as a Range Officer at the local outdoor gun range) plus a copy of my receipt and dropped the box at the post office.

    About two weeks later I received a box with a few bags inside. Two bags had about 44lbs combined of incredibly clean and PERFECT looking 9mm brass, one bag had a couple pounds of 380 auto and another had a couple pounds of 38 super. Yet another bag had a couple steel cases and 4 live rounds in it! Like I said, I didn’t presort that well. I’m very happy with what I received. There was just a hint of corn cob media left on the cleaned/processed brass but nothing I’m going to hold against them. I will drop it as is into my brass feeder after I shake the brass in a lube bag. I doubt any additional processing will be necessary.

    I have used a different brass processor once in the past and the product I got back wasn’t nearly as good as Detroit Ammo Co. The other brass processor (who charged about the same amount) sent me back brass with copious amounts of gritty cleaning media still on the brass and all of the 380 was still mixed in along with a bunch of busted cases. I had to send that brass through my SS media tumbler and hand sort out the 380 and bad cases, and it was still almost worth it to skip reading headstamps! Word to the wise… you want a service that uses Camdex machines for processing brass, not a Dillon with an autodrive. Much better finished product using real commercial equipment which I have to assume is what Detroit is using, based on the finished results.

    Doing the math, I bought back my brass processing time at about $8 per hour or less which is well worth it for my least favorite task in reloading. I will be sending Detroit Ammo Co another two full flat rates next week and I can’t express enough how happy I will be when they add 40 S&W to the calibers they will process. Thanks Detroit Ammo Co!

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