WIN BIOAMMO 12GA 2.75″ #9 25/250

Winchester Ammunition Item #: WNBR2490

Winchester Ammunition, BIOAMMO, TARGET, 12 Gauge, 2.75″, #9, 7/8 oz, Lead Shotshell, 25 Round Box

  • 12 Gauge, 2.75
  • 7/8 oz, # 9 Lead Shotshell
  • Low Brass
  • Bio-polymer components
  • 4-petal one-piece cushioned wad


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BioAmmo is a bio polymer-based shotgun ammunition manufactured by BioAmmo in Segovia Spain. This revolutionary product uses a sugarcane-based polymer to reduce the use of traditional petroleum-based plastics used in shot shells. The materials used to make the cartridges and wads are certified as compostable materials. Globally patented, these innovative cartridges deliver premium ballistic performance while leaving a low impact on the environment. The components themselves are not certified as OK Compost-Industrial because they are too thick to biodegrade within the timeframe required to achieve this certification. However, if left in the environment, when they do breakdown, they will degrade into biomass, water, and CO2.

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