5 Best Ammo for Hog Hunting

Posted Feb 27th, 2020 in 5 Best Ammo for Hog Hunting

5 Best Ammo for Hog Hunting

Hunting is a favorite activity for many Americans and it’s even better when, by pursuing the hobby, you are acting as nature’s steward, regulating the numbers of invasive species that otherwise would have wreaked havoc on the ecosystem. Feral hogs are one such species, but they can make a surprisingly dangerous and difficult foe to hunt down. In this article, to up your chances of landing a successful kill, we will be listing down the 5-best ammo for hog hunting.

1. Federal Premium Vital-Shok .270 Winchester 130-grain Partition

The .270 Winchester cartridges are among the most widely used rounds for big game hunting. These 130-grain partition rounds are perfect for use on hogs. These bullets strike the perfect balance between penetration and expansion to cut through a hog’s thick hide like a super hot knife through butter, and pulverize its internal organs, killing the animal with ease. While potent, the ammo will bring no noticeable change in the feel of your hunting rifle and that’s a good plus.

2. Barnes Vor-TX .308 Winchester 168-grain TTSX   

The .308 Winchester is another popular hunting round that offers exceptional performance and a good reputation for accuracy, high weight retention, and deep expansion. With a time-tested weight of 168-grain, these bullets pack enough energy to send living targets into a state of hydrostatic shock and destroy its vitals. The polymer-tipped TTSX is the icing on the cake, making these rounds’ performance even deadlier. 

3. DAC 5.56x45mm-55gr VMAX

Some hunters may not believe that such a lightweight round can be effective for killing tough game such as boars but loaded onto a rapid-firing semi-automatic such as an AR-15, you can certainly a piecemeal of downing those oinkers. Offered as a fully homogenous alloy, the ammo has plenty of penetration and, as an added bonus, is delightfully accurate.    

4. Federal Fusion .35 Whelen 200-grain

These .35 200-grain rounds are no joke, capable of delivering over 3,400 feet-pounds of energy. With an easy recoiling cartridge, you don’t have to worry about losing controlled-firing when shooting these rounds. Boasting a full jacket that is bonded to its soft core, the bullet both penetrates and delivers devastating damage to its targets. A bit of an overkill but why leave anything to chance?

5. Nosler .243 Winchester 100-grain Partition 

Sure, it may not boast the best weight retention, nor does it feature a bonded core but these rounds have proven time and time again to be highly effective for hunting medium to large game. These rounds do penetrate well and have plenty of expansion once they are inside the target.  


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