When most people get in to reloading they quickly realize a problem. The problem was that most of them didn’t have the time to do all of the case preparation, or did not want to spend the money for all the equipment needed. So they came to me and I reconditioned their brass keeping them on the range shooting more.

If your looking to save time, costs, or just wanting to shoot quality, accurate, subsonic ammo. This site is for you.  So, come on in and look around, drop us an e-mail if you have any questions and make your purchases with confidence.  Happy Reloading!

General Questions:


We currently DO NOT have a retail location. We should have one eventually as our business grows.

Print Catalog:

We do not have a print catalog. Due to constantly changing availability and stock a print catalog is not feasible at this time.

Working hours of the online store:

Monday to Friday
10 am — 5 pm