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4 Types of Ammunition You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

Posted Jan 25th, 2020

4 Types of Ammunition You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

In the market today, you have a mind-boggling array of ammunition types to choose from. Many of them make sense and designed for practical applications. However, there are plenty of oddities out there too that simply defy logic. Here we compiled together a few types of ammunition you wouldn’t believe exist


1. Dragon’s Breath 

Exactly as the name implies, this ammo isn’t designed for shooting but to burn the target. Made for use in 12-gauge shotguns, the round makes use of burning magnesium to spit out flames that can reach targets as far as 100 ft. 

While not the most practical choice of ammo as far as self-defense goes, it certainly ranks high in the ‘wow’ factor when you fire it, especially when it’s nighttime. Additionally, we can’t think of a cooler way to light a bonfire.  

2. Homing Bullets 

No longer the stuff of science fiction, when fired, these ‘smart’ bullets can locate a moving target and change their trajectory mid-way to secure a hit. The rounds come equipped with an optical sensor and a set of tiny fins that control its course through the air. 

Once the targeted is painted with the gun’s laser, the sensor keeps track of it and sends a signal to the fins to alter the direction of the fired bullet. 

3. Rocket-Propelled Ammo 

Picture a miniaturized bazooka, and this is precisely what a gyrojet gun was. Designed during the 60s, these guns and their specialized rocket-propelled ammo were made to address the need for small arms to be lighter and carry less recoil. Once these miniature rockets left the barrel, their velocity would actually increase as the round fired up its propellants. 

However, despite entering mass production, the idea never really caught on as the rounds were relatively more expensive to produce and suffered from a lower accuracy compared to conventional types. Today, the guns and their ammo are a coveted collector’s item, with even the latter fetching over $100 per unit. 

4. Triangle Bullets 

Triangle bullets or ‘Trounds’ were the brain-child of the inventor David Dardick in the mid-50s for use in open-chamber fire-arms. Unlike conventional bullet cartridges, which could only be loaded from the front or the rear, these trounds could be fed into the weapon from the sides. 

An additional advantage the triangle cartridge offered was that, because of their shape, 50% more of them could be loaded in a gun case compared to their conventional counterparts. Dardick’s invention and his special revolvers specifically designed for them were a big commercial failure, however. 

Know of any other weird ammunition we should add to the list? Tell us about in the comments below. If you liked reading the article, do share it with others who may also enjoy it.