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5 Best Bullpup Rifles [2020]

Posted Oct 4th, 2020

5 Best Bullpup Rifles [2020]

Bullpups were born out of the evolving needs of modern warfare, made to fill in the use gap left between the longer-range assault rifles and shorter-range SMGs.  Compared to a conventional rifle design, a bullpup rifle can be made much shorter without compromising barrel length. This can allow for a firearm that is both lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight corners yet still highly accurate at long distances. 

For long a weapon largely reserved for elite law enforcement agencies and military special forces, in recent years, bullpups have come to enjoy a surge in popularity in the civilian market as well, with numerous gun manufacturers stepping in to offer their own bullpup rifles. If you are interested in buying one, here is our list of the best bullpup rifles currently in the market.  

1. Steyr Arms – AUG A3 M1 

Steyr bullpup

Easily, perhaps, among the most recognizable bullpup rifles, the Steyr AUG was also one of the earliest bullpups to enjoy widespread usage. First entering use in 1978 by the Austrian army, it has since been adopted in the military and law enforcement agencies of over 27 countries. 

The A3 M1 is the civilian version of this iconic rifle, promising the same balance, accuracy, and reliability that its military counterpart is famous for. The gun weighs just 9 pounds, and its entire length is under 31 inches, making for a highly versatile rifle, especially in the case of self-defense. 

With a price tag of $2,000 or more, the A3 M1 is by no means an inexpensive purchase, but it also promises tremendous value, being useful in a variety of situations and quite a magnet for attention at the gun range. 

2. IWI Tavor X95

IWI Tavor 

In 1995, the Israeli military commissioned a project to design a battle rifle that more reliable, durable, and easier to maintain than the M4A1 Carbine while also much better suited for close-quarter combat. The result was the IWI Tavor. 

The civilian version of the rifle, the X95, while certainly more underpowered, is still a beast to possess. Its bullpup design allows it to feature an 18.1-inch barrel chamber while retaining an overall length of under 28 inches.  

The ruggedness of this bullpup is extraordinary, being waterproof and remaining operable even in the most adverse of conditions. It utilizes a long-stroke piston system, similar to the one found in the AK-47 and the M1 Grand. It is also made to be easily field-stripped for maintenance purposes, requiring no need for any additional tools.

It is very lightweight, weighing in just 7.2 lbs. Its highly ergonomic designs make it very comfortable to hold and easy to operate – it is also made to be ambidextrous. The gun comes with an iron sight but also has a Picatinny rail for mounting optics and other accessories. 

3. FN FS2000

FN FS2000

Used by the U.S Secret Service as well as the special forces of many European special forces, the FN F2000 is lauded for its excellent functionality, reliability, and accuracy. The civilian version of this iconic bullpup rifle, the FS2000, is just as awesome plus comes factory-equipped with a 1.6x optic and sight cover. It also features a Picatinny rail for the mounting of additional accessories and upgrades. 

The gun features a 17.4-inch barrel and has an overall length of 29.3 inches. In spite of its rather still bulky appearance, it is surprisingly just under 7.9 lbs. in weight. The effective firing range is a standard 550 yards. The highly ergonomic design allows for easy operation of the firearm and ambidextrous usage. 

4. Kel-Tec RFB Carbine 

Kel-Tec RFB 

A rugged US-manufactured bullpup, the most notable feature of the RFB is its patented forward ejection system, which allows it to be used ambidextrously. Another of its great aspect is that it utilizes metric FAL magazines, allowing for smooth, secure magazine insertion.  

With the RFB, Kel-Tec has managed to produce a rifle that is powerful and accurate yet small enough to be useful in any close-quarter situation. In spite of an 18-inch barrel, the entire gun itself is just 26-inch in length and weighs about 8.1 pounds. It manages to be accurate for up to 550 yards, roughly the same as a Colt AR-15 but packs a much higher muzzle velocity. 

One minor point of criticism from us regarding the rile is that it doesn’t feature nor come with any sight or optics. It does have a Picatinny rail for mounting purposes, but you will buy your sights separately, so do also take that into account while setting your budget. 

5. Desert Tech SRS-A1


Bullpup sniper rifles are an incredibly rare breed, but the SRS-A1 does certainly prove that the bullpup design can be just as relevant for long-distance shooting as it is for close-quarter situations. Not only does it help with maneuverability but also, by shifting more of the weight at the back of the rifle, it makes the weight of the rifle more balanced and centerline. 

The firearm is astoundingly compact, with its shortest version featuring a length of just 26 inches – for comparison, a standard AR-15 has a length of 39 inches. Despite its small size, it is still an incredibly powerful and accurate sniper rifle, guaranteeing a 0.5 moa accuracy. The rifle can be chambered in a number of different rounds, from the popular .243 Winchester to the highly lethal .338 Lapua Magnum. 

While intended for competitive shooting, it’s compactness and power does make it equally a good choice for hunting, especially in highly wooded areas.  

Over to You 

Which of these bullpup rifles did you like the most? Feel like recommending any other that we should add to the list? Write down your thoughts in the comments. While you are still here, don’t forget to browse our catalog of quality gun ammunition and accessories available to you only at the best prices.