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6 Best Shooting Ranges in the United States

Posted Jul 16th, 2020

6 Best Shooting Ranges in the United States

Guns can make not only great weapons for self-defense or hunting but can also be used for recreation. Roughly 52% of Americans from all backgrounds love engaging in target or sport shooting. Fun time with your gun is also helpful in enabling you to get more practice with its handling and hone your shooting skills. 

With the country slowly reopening, a lot of us might be looking forward to shooting our guns again. If you wishing on testing your skills at a new shooting range, here is our recommendation of the 6 best shooting ranges in the United States. 

1. Ben Avery Shooting Facility

Spread over 1,600 acres of open land, this government funded-establishment provides you not only plenty of facilities for target shooting but other outdoor activities such as hunting, boating, and fishing. Its world-class ranges boast a five-star rating from the National Association of Shooting Ranges. 

It provides a wide array of target shooting opportunities, including clay targets, 200-yards lanes, and even archery. The range is home to a number of major regional or national shooting events and competitions held annually. The range also provides introductory classes on firearm training for both young and old alike. 

Overall, the range has a lot on offer and is tremendously affordable so if you are a resident of Arizona or planning a visit there, be sure to check out the facility. Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.   

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Cost: Basic Membership – $35

Number: 623 582-8313

2. Athena Gun Club 

This establishment is Houston’s largest gun club and indoor range. While its fees are slightly on the pricier side, the range of facilities it has on offer does make the expense justified. The 26-lane range employs plenty of latest innovations in order to provide “one of the finest experiences in the industry.” 

However, the main highlight of this gun range worth mentioning is its simulation program. Featuring over 300 dynamic scenarios, it offers a safe and affordable method to train your shootings for various real-life situations. The club also an excellent shop where you various hunting and shooting gear as well as quality firearms. 

The club also hosts promotion days for various demographics (e.g. seniors, women) where a 50% discount on fees is offered.

Location: Houston, Texas 

Cost: Executive – $69/month, VIP – $300/month, Range fee – $18 per hour

Number: 713 461-5900

3. Lock & Load Miami

While the United States can boast of some of the most-gun friendly laws of any country on the planet, even here it can be virtually impossible to acquire certain firearms. But if you are itching to experience what it feels like to shoot a fully automatic M249 SAW or a specialty gun like the Maxim 9, best head over to Lock & Load Miami.

While this shooting range is freely open to the public, availing membership can avail you certain benefits. For members, this indoor facility provides unlimited use of its ranges with no time limits, access to its VIP room, and a discount on the range’s packages. 

The range also has a gun museum that is open to everyone free of charge, featuring guns from modern-day all the way back to the Civil War Era. 

Location: Miami, Florida 

Cost: Gold Membership – $500. Starting Machine Gun Package – $137 per person 

Number: 305 424-8999

4. Gun Garage 

The Las Vegas Gun Garage is another superb indoor shooting range where you can try your hands on fully-automatic weapons. The facility offers 12 state-of-the-art lanes and it can be booked for special events such as someone’s birthday or a corporate event. The range is suitable for shooting beginners and veterans alike. Every customer is given a one to one service with an NRA certified range safety officer and offered complimentary ear and eye protection.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 

Cost: Contact 

Number: 702 440-4867

5. Waterloo Rifle and Pistol Club 

This members-only shooting range is fairly old and one of the better-known ones in New York. Among the most notable features of the facility that it provides both indoor and outdoor activities. So, if you on a certain day not liking the weather outside, you can take your AR-15 for some target practice inside. The range overall isn’t the most advance but with a generously low fee, it stills boasts a lot of value given all things it has on offer.   

Location: Waterloo, New York 

Cost: New Member – $100, Renewal – $150, Range fee – $3 per hour 

Number: 315 539-3361

6. Colonial Shooting Academy 

Housed in an impressive 60,000 sq. ft building, this shooting establishment is the largest indoor gun range all of the country. The facility offers 50-lanes catered towards all shooting styles. The facility also provides professional training courses, both standard and individually tailored. 

Its first-class gun store is worth a mention, offering a wide range of firearms, both new and used. You can try before you buy and can even sell your old firearm here. If you want to purchase a weapon but can’t afford it at the movement, you can pay a small down payment on it and rest the amount later. 

Location: Richmond, Virginia 

Cost: Academy Membership – $100-$250/month, Range fee – $20 per hour 

Number: 804 266-2666

Which of these ranges did you find best? Tell us in the comments below. Be sure to also check our store and shop for some quality ammunition that you can take with you at the shooting range.