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6 Useful Tips to Maintaining Your Gun

Posted Mar 26th, 2020

6 Useful Tips to Maintaining Your Gun

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Guns are fun to shoot but for some, may feel like a chore to maintain. However, neglecting this vital part of gun ownership can be negatively consequential. Your gun can jam at the most inopportune moment; it could continue to deteriorate to the point it ceases functioning; or, it could fire up when it shouldn’t, endangering you or those around you. 


With that said, gun maintenance doesn’t have to be hectic. By following the right steps and using the right equipment, cleaning and maintaining your gun will be both easier and grant you better results of your labor. Here are 6 useful tips to maintaining your gun

1. Read the Manual 

This should be obvious but a lot of gun owners tend to completely ignore what’s written in the manual and thus feel completely lost when comes to properly cleaning and maintaining your gun. Sure, sitting down and reading through the details seems like a boring and arduous task but it is necessary when you own a tool designed to take lives. 

By reading the manual, you will be able to understand how to safely disarm and disassemble your gun and what steps would be needed to keep it running in perfect working order. 

In case you aren’t the first owner of a gun, you can properly get your hands on its manual online or by contacting its manufacturer. 

2. Use the Right Cleaning Products 

DIY is great but not when operating on something as dangerous as a gun. Not using the right cleaners for your gun is one of the main culprits behind the whole process being more time-consuming and frustrating than it should be. Sure WD-40 works wonders for your vehicle but it’s not something one would recommend for your gun.

Furthermore, the use of wrong chemicals can even potentially cause further damage to your gun and harm its function. If you are unsure of what are the best cleaning products to use on your gun, ask around in your community or go with the question to an online forum. With the right cleaning solution at hand, any gunk or dirt within or on your gun would break down easily and you would have no hard time scarping them off with brushes and swabs. 

3. Know When to Clean 

Understand the situation in which you use your gun. If you have fired plenty of cheap or corrosive ammo with it, then you should have your gun cleaned immediately afterward. The built-up of gunk after firing these rounds can potentially eat away at the metal if left unaddressed. 

Similarly, if your gun is frequently exposed to harsh outdoor elements such as while hunting, it is a best practice to have it cleaned after every session. However, if you are mainly firing quality ammo, expose it very little to corrosive elements, you may not need to clean it as frequently. 

It is also a good practice to check your gun often and inspect it for any rust, dirt or defects that may have arisen and take appropriate action if needed. 

4. Get the Right Gun Cleaning Kit

It cannot be stressed enough – for both less hassle and better results, get yourself a proper gun cleaning kit that’s specific to your gun design. If you don’t have the right set of brushes, swabs, and rods at hand, it would be a lot more difficult to get your gun cleaned properly. 

Of course, many of us own for than just one gun and it would be rather expensive to buy a different cleaning kit for each of them. Instead, opt for a good universal cleaning kit that is able to cover most or all of the calibers your guns feature. Be sure to also get a bore snake if you don’t have one already. A bore snake is a long rope with a brush attached at the end that is perfect for cleaning the inside of your barrel quickly and efficiently. 

5. Oil it Up!

So now that you have properly cleaned up and reassembled your weapon(s), it’s time to add some grease. Gun oil lubricates your gun parts and reduces wear and tear within them. It also acts as a coating that helps protect your gun from the effects of harsh elements and moisture. 

Be sure to also apply oil to the gun’s exterior as well. Simply soak a rag with gun oil and wipe the gun with it, removing rust and making it look good as new. 

When purchasing gun oil, remember to NOT compromise on quality for the sake of saving a few bucks. A cheap product means more potential wear and tear with your gun and hence, more frequent need for cleaning. 

6. Don’t Forget Storage 

Choosing the right storage spot is also part of proper gun maintenance. When deciding where to store your gun, have three main factors in mind – Moisture, safety, and security. 

Moisture is something that you want to avoid while storing your gun to ensure it doesn’t gather rust. Look for storage areas that are dry. If you live in a humid environment, consider a dehumidifier for your gun safe. The location you choose should also be safely out of reach from children and any unwanted use. You will also need to take into account the ability to take the gun out quickly should the need ever presents itself. 

We hope you found our article helpful. Be sure to also head over to our store if you are in need of good quality and clean ammunition for your guns.