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Best AR-15 Accessories 2020

Posted Nov 1st, 2020

Best AR-15 Accessories 2020

Thanks to its excellent versatility, relatively low maintenance, and almost legendary modularity, the AR-15 has been among the most produced rifles in history.Due to its excellent versatility, relatively low maintenance, and almost legendary modularity, it does come not as a surprise that the AR-15 has been among the most-produced rifles in history

A stock AR-15 is superb it in own right, but with making upgrades a breeze and there being so many different accessories available, it makes little sense to not avail the opportunity to further enhance and customize your rifle. Not sure where to get started with your upgrades? In this article, we list down the best AR-15 accessories currently on the market. 

Table of Content 

  • Best AR-15 Pistol Grip
  • Best AR-15 Handguard 
  • Best AR-15 Bipod 
  • Best AR-15 Compensator 
  • Best AR-15 Trigger
  • Best AR-15 Scope
  • Best AR-15 Buttstock 


Best AR-15 Pistol Grip

Most stock AR-15s come with a standard A2 grip. While it does its job fine, there are far more ergonomic and less cheap looking options out there. 

One great choice is the Magpul Moe+ Grip, which, compared to the A2, is lighter, much more comfortable, yet still highly affordable. The grip comes with a small storage unit for keeping small but essential items (like an extra bolt, for instance). The Moe+ also has an anti-slip rubber coating that allows you to retain a confident grip over the rifle. 

Best AR-15 Handguard 

What would be considered the best AR-15 handguard ultimately depends on whether you are a beginner shooter or seasoned veteran. In the former case, the lightweight yet reliable and sturdy Magpul Moe Handguard would suffice. Being a drop-in, its very simple to install and remove.

And in regards to the latter case, the Midwest Industries G3M is a strong bet. Although, a little more on the pricier side, the expense can be well worth it. 

It is a one-piece design with a lightweight but extremely strong profile. Being free-floated, installing it will greatly contribute to the overall stability, accuracy, and aesthetics of your AR-15 rifle. It also features a detachable rail that further provides you with a ton of real estate for further accessories. 

Best AR-15 Bipod 

For long-range precision shooting, a bipod is an essential accessory to add to your rifle, aiding with its stability and reducing fatigue on your side. Arguably the best bipods for the general crowd are ones made by Atlas.

The Atlas V8 is their most popularly sold platform and comes with a number of distinct but useful features such as built-in pan and cant as well as 45-degree leg positions. While certainly expensive, with the V8, you definitely get what you pay for. 

With that said, for those with a lighter wallet, the old tried, and true Harris HBR is a good budget-friendly alternative. It is a spring-loaded, ultra-light bipod design with quick telescoping legs and with feet that provide reassuring traction on hard, smooth surfaces.  

Best AR-15 Compensator 

A compensator is a small device that you attach to the end of your gun barrel to help reduce recoil and muzzle rise. Thus, it allows you to achieve more accurate and faster shooting. For an AR-15 rifle, the JP Rifles 3 Port is our pick as the best compensator.  

While certainly pricy, it packs a value to match. Made of solid titanium, it boasts incredible toughness and corrosion resistance. Having this mounted on your rifle, you can be assured that both recoil impulse and muzzle rise get greatly eliminated. The 3 Port is also one of the few gun compensators on the civilian market that can meet the restricted classification standard. 

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Best AR-15 Scope

Since virtually all stock AR-15s aren’t built for long-range shooting (500+ yards), we focused our research on scopes made for medium to short ranges. The best overall we found was the Vortex Spitfire 3x Prism Scope. 

The scope is quite budget-friendly but looks and performs similar to and just as rugged as a more high-end product. View through its glass is crystal clear, and its etched BDC reticle is specifically engineered for the AR 15’s most popular cartridges (5.56×45). 

With the reticle carved into the glass, it provides for 24/7 visibility regardless of your battery condition. You also have the option to switch between a red or green reticle as well as control the lens’s brightness setting. However, the scope’s fast-focus eyepiece is definitely its main highlight, making swiftly adjusting the reticle focus a breeze. 

Best AR-15 Buttstock 

The buttstock of your AR-15 is what provides supports to its stability, keeps muzzle rise in control, and generally makes your shooting much more comfortable. While what is considered the best choice for any person would arguably differ, depending on their own preferences and needs, one affordable option that can serve well for most people is the B5 Bravo Stock

At under a $60 price range, the buttstock is well within the purchasing capacity of virtually anyone and boasts tremendous value. The material feels premium and durable yet is also lightweight. It’s sloped cheek weld guarantees good comfort, and it is universally compatible with most standard AR-15 variants. 

Over to You

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