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Licensing for Possession of Firearms: What's Happening?

Posted Jan 25th, 2022

Licensing for Possession of Firearms: What’s Happening?


Each new legislative session is an opportunity for lawmakers, which increases the likelihood of victory for their constituents. In 2022, the expansion in gun rights could be a great chance for Georgia Republicans to make their voters happy.

During the last session, the General assembly refused to pass a new firearms legislation. However, they did come close to passing a gun-rights bill written by Mandi Ballinger, a Cherokee republican. According to that bill, there is an expansion in the firearm license minimizing gun rights.

After passing both the houses, the bill was amended when it was made to the senate. It meant that the house would have to vote on that bill once again. According to David Ralston, the house speaker, the shootings that had just taken place in Cherokee and Atlanta would instrumental in their decision. The shooting cases had indeed sparked anger and fear among the people and the lawmakers.

“We’re less than two weeks out from two major mass killings, and so that maximizes my sensitivity to that.” The Blue Ridge Republican said. 

“Mandi’s bill, in my opinion, could have been a little stronger; I would have taken it over nothing,” Republican Philip Singleton said.


In 2020, the lawmakers in the house passed carry bills, and these bills are likely to stay alive in 2022. According to these bills, the Georgians wouldn’t need licenses to carry weapons.

“Twenty-one states have constitutional carry, but despite his promises on the campaign trail, Brian Kemp has failed to make it a reality in Georgia. As governor, I’ll work with the state legislature to finally enact constitutional carry.” Former senator David Purdue said.


When republican Brain Kemp ran a pro-2nd amendment campaign, he jokingly pointed a gun towards a young individual who wanted to date Brian’s daughter during the campaign. Last year, Missouri’s state legislature also passed a couple of bills, known as the 2nd amendment preservation act.

One can say that the Georgia Freedom Caucus may lead to an expansion of the 2nd amendment rights. However, it is Ralston who will have the final say in this case. According to Mr. Charles Bullock, a University of Georgia professor, Ralston might not consider it a priority.


While speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ralston said that he was completely in favor of constitutional carry. However, he also said that there could be debate over the scope of this bill.

The most recent case of mass shooting took place in Oxford, Michigan. In this shooting, four people were killed, and seven were wounded. That same day, a police officer was shot in Clayton County while addressing a minor disturbance. The very next day, in her speech, Ms. Lucy McBath, a Marietta democrat, tried to urge her comrades to pass gun safety legislation.

Earlier this year, the house said that McBath’s bill might need background checks, as far as gun sales were concerned. However, it might face opposition in the senate because of the democrats.

It remains to be seen how these developments will influence gun rights in the US, allowing Americans to protect themselves. If you are looking to purchase a licensed firearm or ammo for the safety of your family, explore our website today.