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Man Sentenced to Approximately 8 Years for Selling Weapon Used During Synagogue Standoff

Posted Nov 17th, 2022

Man sentenced to 8 years for selling gun used during synagogue —according to the Justice Department, the man who supplied a firearm to a British citizen who was held accountable for holding four people hostage within a Texas synagogue at the beginning of the year was recently sentenced to around eight years imprisonment. 

The 33-year-old individual, who goes by the name Henry, has a history of violent crime convictions. According to the prosecution, he admitted to possessing a weapon in June even though he was not allowed to have a gun due to felony charges.

On the early morning of 15th January 2022, according to authorities, Akram stormed the Colleyville synagogue during Sabbath worship. The 44-year-old British national who goes by the name Akram took hostages while pleading for the pardon of one federal inmate.

It took around ten hours to get the hostage situation resolved when the temple’s spiritual leader hurled a piece of furniture at Akram and escaped with the two hostages as an FBI tactical squad moved in. Akram passed away when a special hostage recovery team from Quantico, Virginia, entered the room and shot him.

All of the hostages returned to their homes safely without sustaining any wounds. Around 200 local, regional, and federal security officers rushed to the synagogue due to the incident.

The study of call logs that revealed the men had conversed over the phones throughout the days leading up to the hostage scenario, according to federal officials, allowed them to link both individuals to the event. As stated in the lawsuit, the Dallas Law Enforcement detained Williams on January 24 after questioning him more on a prior arrest warrant. 

According to the prosecution, Williams acknowledged selling the weapon to Akram at a south Dallas junction. According to a criminal complaint, Williams spoke with Akram on the 11th of January, 2022, and told him about his intention to purchase a weapon.

Williams spoke of seeing a male with a British accent but could not recollect the individual’s identity when questioned by agents on January 16. One week later, Mr. Williams was taken into custody after a warrant was issued against him. 

Agents claimed Williams acknowledged Akram was indeed the individual he supplied the firearms to after being jailed and after looking at a picture of Mr. Akram.

Mr. Williams’ wife and sister were certain in discussion with WFAA as they claimed Mr. William did not know Akram or have any connection to him. They claimed Williams was introduced to Akram by acquaintances he had in the Southern region of Dallas.

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