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Rifle Used by Kyle Rittenhouse to be Destroyed

Posted Feb 20th, 2022

Rifle Used by Kyle Rittenhouse to be Destroyed

The rifle used by Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager who is acquitted of charges of shooting two people at a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is to be destroyed according to an agreement approved by the judge in 2022. Rittenhouse, 19, did not stay for the proceedings. However, he has consented to the destruction of the firearm. According to his spokesperson, Kyle doesn’t want a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle to become a political symbol.

The rifle will be handed over to the Kenosha Police department and taken to the State Crime Lab. According to a prosecutor at the lab, the gun, its magazine, and its scope will be destroyed. The prosecutor Mr. Thomas Binger has confirmed that the weapon will no longer be in anyone’s possession.

However, earlier last month, Rittenhouse’s lawyer Mr. Mark Richards filed a motion demanding the rifle, its ammo, and the mask worn by Rittenhouse on the night of the protest.

According to Richards, he had discussed this with his client, and clearly, it met his goals. Richards also told that Rittenhouse’s other possessions had been returned to him. In November, Rittenhouse was found not guilty. It took a two-week trial to prove Rittenhouse innocent. The media, however, blew the story in a preeminent way. It sparked a nationwide debate regarding self-defense, gun rights, and vigilantism.

Rittenhouse’s actions have received approval from Donald J. Trump and a couple of other prominent conservatives, and they also met him in Florida after his acquittal. On the other hand, the images of Rittenhouse brandishing an automatic weapon received condemnation from all across the country.

Rittenhouse, then 17, was one of the most heavily armed civilians that landed in Kenosha in the wake of Jacob Blake’s shooting. Jacob Black, an African American, was shot repeatedly by a police officer, which sparked protests. Rittenhouse was one of the armed civilians that tried to protect businesses while the agitated mobs broke street lamps and set cars and shops on fire.

Rittenhouse was chased into a parking lot by the Kenosha local Joseph Rosenbaum in a video that came out. Rittenhouse fatally shot Rosenbaum, who behaved erratically. Rittenhouse then proceeded to open fire at Anthony Huber and GaigeGrosskreutz. According to testimony, the two individuals tried to pursue Rittenhouse before he fled the area. While Grosskreutz survived, Huber couldn’t make it.

The man who bought Kyle Rittenhouse the assault rifle was too young to purchase it himself. As a result, he faced felony charges, and therefore, he agreed not to plead for lesser charges. Dominic Black, a 20-year-old witness to the prosecution in the case against Rittenhouse, also consented to the destruction of the firearm.

There was a substantial unanimity over what should happen to the rifle used by Kyle Rittenhouse. However, the funds raised by Kyle’s supporters and lawyers for his bail have been a sticking point. While the conservatives have been advocating Kyle’s actions, the discussion over gun right and vigilantism has become the heated debate all across the country.