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Self-Defense Guide – Best Concealed Carry Guns

Posted Jun 3rd, 2020

Self-Defense Guide – Best Concealed Carry Guns

You can never know when you can become a victim of theft or aggravated assault. It is best to have a concealable weapon at hand when your life or that of your loved ones is on the line. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, need a weapon on a budget or are a seasoned shooter looking for some new recommendations, in this guide, there is a bit of something for just about everyone. Based on extensive research, we’ve compiled together a list of the best-concealed carry guns. 

Not All Concealed Carries are Equal

Before we began our list, however, a bit of advice. Not every handgun makes a good concealed carry. (Best Caliber for a Concealed Carry) For starters, it must be highly reliable so there is little risk of it failing when you need it the most. It also should have the right combination of size and power. This implies that it can be easily concealed in your everyday clothing but is still packs enough lethality to down an assailant quickly enough before they can close in the gap between you and them. Then, they must also have ample ammo capacity as under tense conditions, you are likely to miss quite a few of the shots. ‘Combat accuracy’ is also an essential factor to consider; you should expect to exert the least level of deviation control needed to reliably hit a target. 

Best Overall: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 

Caliber: 9mm/.45 ACP

Magazine size: 8/7

Weight: 1.8 oz

As its name implies, the M&P (Military & Police) line-up was originally designed with law enforcement agencies in mind. However, since its inception in 2005, it has also enjoined well-spread appeal among civilians as well. Aside from superb reliability, the aspect where the M&P shines most in is its enhanced ergonomics. It allows for a high degree of user-customization, affords a comfortable and secure grip and seems to fit perfectly in just about any hand. 

The Shield is one of the lightest in the M&P series, being incredibly lightweight at just 18.8 oz. It features an improved trigger and dedicated centerfire laser. It comes chambered in either 9mm or .45 ACP so choose whichever caliber is your preference. 

Runner-Up: Glock 43

Caliber: 9mm

Magazine size: 6

Weight: 22 oz

Reliable, powerful, lightweight and compact, the Glock 43, one of the smallest in its class, is a great contender for the best-concealed carry gun. However, two aspects of it leave it just shy of claiming the number one spot. One is its small magazine capacity of just 6 rounds, the least on this list. Second, has to do with its recoil. While manageable, it isn’t exactly what one can classify as soft. 

Regardless, with the 43, the company has managed to deliver an extremely diminutive, lightweight package that manages to squeeze the maximum performance out of the system. Because of that, it can be safely loaded with ‘hotter’ ammo compared to most other guns of its class. With an ergonomic handle, it provides a secure and comfortable grip to the wielder. 

Best for Beginners: The Glock 19

Caliber: 9mm

Magazine size: 15

Weight: 24 oz

The Glock 19 is has received worldwide acclaim thanks to its versatility, simplicity, and ultra-reliability. While not the most compact on the list, it is still small enough to make an excellent conceal carry. One of the main issues beginners may face in a hostile situation is proper aiming. High recoil, an uncomfortable grip, and an unhelpful sight can all hinder the individual from doing so. 

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with the Glock 19. For a compact gun, it packs a highly suppressed recoil. It features two OEM sights, for one for and other nights. The design is ergonomic and ambidextrous, granting a comfortable and secure grip for all hands. It also manages to cram in 15 rounds in total, making the need for reloading minimal in most encounters. We also recommend Glock 19 for beginners because of its popularity, which means there is a lot of online resources available and people you can talk to which can guide you with its maintenance, accessories, etc. 

Best on a Budget: Taurus G2C

Caliber: 9mm 

Magazine size: 12

Weight: 22 oz

Costly nearly half of most other mentions on this list, this highly compact double-stack pistol chambered in 9mm featured a total of 12 round magazine capacity. While low on the price tag, buyers can be assured that this gun does not compromise in terms of quality. In fact, it is very reliable and durable. 

Its design is also something that you usually don’t expect at such low prices. The gun feels well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Featured all the frills such as a loaded chamber indicator, manual and trigger safety as well as an excellent three-dot sight. Overall, you can expect this to be superb budget concealed carry that literally gives you the bang for your buck. 

Closing Note 

We hope you found our recommendations to be helpful. However, ultimately, take them as a reference and not the rule. Ultimately, aside from the factors already mentioned previously, the best-concealed carry is your hand feels the most natural around and that you can shoot well with when the situation gets tense. While you’re here, be sure to browse through our catalog of quality ammo, gears, and accessories by clicking this link