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States Currently Looking to Loosen Gun Controls

Posted Jan 25th, 2022

States Currently Looking to Loosen Gun Controls

Six states in the United States no longer require their citizens to possess a permit to carry concealed firearms. In 2021, Iowa, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and Utah enacted measures called the “constitutional carry.” However, it is still prohibited to carry a firearm in a governmental building.

The chances are that more states will make it to this list. For example, a couple of months ago in Ohio, the House passed a bill supporting fewer restrictions on gun ownership. According to this bill, people will no longer have to attend an 8-hour class or go through a background check before they are allowed to carry with them a concealed firearm. After Ohio, the lawmakers in Wisconsin are also trying to carve out laws that make permitless gun carry legal. In 2021, similar bills were already passed in South Carolina and Louisiana and allowed gun owners to carry firearms without requiring a permit.  

While many deem few gun restrictions a necessary measure for Americans to ensure their safety, there are a few voices that speak against this newfound freedom. According to the executive director of the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort Educational Fund, Jeri Bonavia, these new laws regarding gun control are posing a threat to the citizens. However, the Supreme Court is debating whether this new permitless carrying violates the 2nd amendment

The advocates for the permitless carrying of firearms consider it necessary for self-defense. .

According to the president of Wisconsin Carry, a Milwaukee-based gun rights organization, Nik Clark, permitless carrying of firearms is a step in the right direction, and it would allow people to carry firearms without the fear of being on the government’s list. He also said that it would enable people to get a gun without waiting for their permit to arrive. He further said that carrying a weapon helps deal with abuse or social unrest like the events of 2020.

“We have a human right to self-defense,” said Clark.

“To say that you need permission from the government to do that is crazy. It’s anti-American.” He added.

For more than a decade, Clark and his colleagues have been pushing for the permitless carrying of firearms. His movement for permitless carrying got the support it needed by the key state legislative leaders. He also got help from Scott Walker, a former Republican, who referred to the permitless carrying of firearms as appropriate.

The Final Word

Whether or not it is ok to carry a gun without a permit is one of the most heated debates in the US these days. It will take some time before these issues are resolved for good. While it is more convenient to carry without a permit, we cannot factor out the likelihood of violence. However, if you want to stay updated on the latest developments surrounding gun control in the US, make sure to visit our website today. We provide licensed ammunition for pistols, rifles, and shotguns, so make sure to check it out. We also have amazing discounts that cannot be found anywhere else.