Subscribe And Save

With the rise in popularity of Amazon subscription programs, you can get nearly anything on a reoccurring schedule. The problem for gun owners: Amazon does not sell ammunition. We recognized this fact and built a service providing gun owners with a regular purchase program for select ammunition.

Our program gives firearm enthusiasts a way to stock up on ammo every month. Customers purchase small amounts of ammunition but get bulk ammo prices. Ammunition inventory accrues for as long as the customer requests it.

Gun owners can purchase small amounts of ammunition on a regular basis in a cost effective and painless way, but still pay prices similar to buying bulk. No longer required to pay hundreds of dollars up front to buy cases of ammunition at a time, firearm enthusiasts can now set up a regular reoccurring ammunition purchase program similar to how they might buy stock through a regular investment program. This allows gun owners to weather the ups and downs of the ammunition marketplace and “dollar cost average” their ammunition purchases over time.