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The 12 Most Expensive Guns Ever Sold

Posted Nov 8th, 2020

The 12 Most Expensive Guns Ever Sold

For some, guns are more than just tools for hunting or self-defense, they are an object worth collecting, be it out of purely sentimental reasons or as a form of investment (or a bit of both). Unsurprisingly, guns that are rare to find or carry immense historical significance tend to be highly coveted by collectors, and thus, can often command unbelievably high prices. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the 12 most expensive guns ever sold in history.     

12. Holland & Holland Royal Deluxe Double Rifle

Type: Break-Action  

Price: $288,000

Availability: Manufactured on request 

Notable for: Design and prestige

The ‘Rolls Royce’ of hunting rifles, this long gun is a favored choice of wealthy royals and billionaires. Each of these rifles is painstakingly handcrafted, consuming over 850 manhours in its production. And as one would expect given its incredible price tag, the gun’s shooting performance is indeed legendary. 

In terms of aesthetics, the gun is certainly without equal, at least among those sold commercially. But its looks are not just for show. Its intricate engraving serves to diffuse the reflection of light hitting its shining metal. 

11. Robert Ford’s Smith & Wesson .44

Type: Single-Action Revolver 

Price: $350,000

Availability: Not for sale currently

Notable for: Killing notorious outlaw Jesse James 

The ‘Wild’ in the Wild West is there for a reason. Having grown up admiring the exploits of the notorious bandit Jesse James, Robert Ford would eventually come to meet and spend him with his ‘hero’ only to later blow his brain out with an S&W .44 revolver so to collect a bounty. 

This gun, still in excellent condition, was sold at a 2003 auction for a price of $350,000. Interestingly, after killing Jesse James, public opinion would become highly negative of Robert and his brother, who was an accomplice in the killing. His brother would later commit suicide and Robert would himself be a few years later assassinated via a double-barreled shotgun shot to the face. 

10. Theodore Roosevelt’s Fox No.12 Shotgun  

Type: Break-action shotgun

Price: $862,500

Availability: Not for sale currently

Notable for: Design and ownership 

If anything, we are rather surprised as to why the gun isn’t priced higher. Apart from being owned by the Bull Moose himself, the double-barreled shotgun is also unique in that it was also specifically custom made for the President and still is in relatively mint condition. 

And it certainly did perform exceptionally well as commented upon by Teddy himself while on an Africa safari that “no better gun was ever made.” 

9. 1847 Colt Walker .44

Type: Black Powder Revolver 

Price: $920,000

Availability: Not for sale currently 

Notable for: Extreme rarity 

At first, the 1847 Colt Walker does not look that much out of the ordinary to justify a price of nearly $1 million. It was not owned by any famous historical figure, and it does not have any unique design features that would make it stand out as a firearm.  

However, once you account for its rarity, it suddenly makes sense why it is so coveted. There are only around 170 of these guns in existence today, and of them, the one mentioned here had been in the most pristine condition. The 150-year pistol is free of any corrosion and even includes the black powder flash with which it was originally issued.  

8. 1836 Colt Peterson Revolver 

Type: Single-Action Revolver 

Price: $977,000

Availability: Not for sale currently

Notable for: Historical significance 

Samuel Colt is significant in firearm history for making the mass production of revolvers commercially viable. Sold for nearly a $1 million, this particular revolver holds the distinction of being one of the best surviving examples of the very first gun he manufactured – the legendary Colt Peterson. With the wielder being able to fire 5 consecutive shots before reloading, the gun played a decisive role in the Battle of Bandera Pass, which marked the turning point of Texas-Indian wars.  

7. Gold Inlaid Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver No. 63306   

Type: Single-Action Revolver 

Price: $1,142,000 million 

Availability:  Not for sale currently 

Notable for: Design, history and rarity 

An exceptionally beautiful gun featuring an elaborately engraved relief and gold inlaid, until its discovery, it was thought that only twenty-one such specimens existed. It represents a step in the evolution of the Colt revolvers, between the original Colt Peterson and the new Model 1849 Pocket Revolver.  

These guns formed part of Samuel Colt’s group of firearms purposely made for showings at exhibitions such as the London’s Great Exhibition of 1851. Some were also gifted to important state leaders and dignitaries as part of the gun maker’s attempt to gain contracts from them. 

Nonetheless, what has made this particular revolver even more valuable is its distinct style of engraving unique to it only as well as the fact that it is only one of the two of its line featuring fore-sights. Needlessly to say, given its history and rarity coupled with having retained much of its original finish, the pocket revolver was easily able to fetch a price of over $1 million when it was auctioned. 

6. Henry Ware Lawton’s 1886 Winchester Rifle 

Type: Lever-action rifle 

Price: $1,260,0000

Availability: Not for sale currently

Notable for: Ownership and being the first production piece 

Not many may know of Henry Ware Lawton, but he was a highly decorated U.S army officer who served with distinction in four major conflicts – the Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, and the Philippine-American War. 

While he obviously came to have processed many different weapons throughout his life, his 1886 Winchester rifle is significant for three reasons. First, bearing the serial number of “1,” it was the very first rifle of its kind to come out from Winchester’s workshops. Second, it was presented to Lawton as a gift after his capture of the famous Apache leader, Geronimo. Third, in spite of being over 130 years old, its previous owners have managed to keep it in perfectly pristine condition

5. The Millikin Dragoon 

Type: Single-Action Revolver 

Price: $1,667,500

Availability: Not for sale currently

Notable for: Historical pedigree 

Described as a “virtual superstar even amongst an elite category of antique firearms,” this particular firearm checks all the boxes when it comes to being a valuable antique – boasting an illustrious history and ownership, exceptional artistic merit, and still preserved in near perfect conditions. 

Produced in 1857, the gun was hand engraved by none other than Gustave Young, widely considered to be the best Master Arms Engraver of the time. Its first owner was Colonel John Minor Millikin, who lead an illustrious military career leading the 1st Ohio Cavalry. After he got killed in the American Civil War, the gun passed ownership to his son, Paul, who would go on to serve as a colonel in the American-Spanish War. 

It would later be acquired from Paul’s descendants, and from there, began to receive coverage in numerous publications, significantly boosting its prestige and value. It was last put up on auction very recently in 2019 – and managed to fetch a price of over $1.6 million. 

4. Simon Bolivar’s Pistols  

Type: Flintlock 

Price: $1,687,500

Availability: Not for sale currently 

Notable for: Its maker and owner

Much as George Washington is admired in the U.S history as a founding father and revolutionary war hero, in many countries of Latin America, the same can be said of Simon Bolivar. The two historic guns belonging to the El Libertador was a few years back sold at an auction for a price of nearly $1.7 million. 

The silver and gold lined pistols were gifted to the Bolivar by none other than the Marquis de Lafayette. The guns set is said to have been made by the famed French gunsmith, Nicolas-Noel Boutet, who also produced weapons for the French Dictator, Napoleon Bonaparte.  

3. The “Danish Sea Captain Colt Walker  

Type: Single-Action Revolver 

Price: $1,840,000

Availability: Not for sale currently

Notable for: Rarity and history 

The Colt Walker was a result of the collaboration between army captain Samuel Walk and weapon inventor Samuel Colt. At its time, it was the largest caliber black powder repeating handgun in the United States. The invention of this gun would mark a turning point in Colt’s career, marking the beginning of the relationship between his company and the U.S military that still exists to this day.  

While 1,100 of these guns were originally made, only about 100 were meant for the civilian market. One of such specimens, sold personally by Colt himself, would find its ways across the Atlantic to Denmark, and for the next century and a half, managed to remain in perfectly mint condition, even surviving the impact of World War Two. 

What adds to the gun’s rarity is that it is the only known Colt Walker to come featured with its original casing. At $1,840,000, it remains the highest priced single firearm ever sold.

2. George Washington’s Saddle Pistols  

Type: Flintlock pistol 

Price: $1,986,000

Availability: Not for sale currently

Notable for: Historical significance

With the immense history behind the colonial-era pistol set, it is hardly surprising why it is able to fetch a price of nearly $2 million. These weapons were own by not just one but two of America’s Presidents. 

The gun pair was given to Washington as a gift by the Marquis de Lafayette during the early days of the revolution. It is believed that Washington may have carried these pistols in several events of historical significance, including, but not limited to, the Whiskey Rebellion, the encampment at Valley Forge, and the Siege of Yorktown. 

Some decades after Washington’s death, the saddle pistols were bequeathed to Andrew Jackson, who is said to have prized the gun immensely, stating to them to be “sacred and holy relics.” Ultimately, these guns would be handed back to the ownership of the Lafayette family by Jackson. 

However, some say the guns represent more than just history, they are a symbol of the enduring ties between France and the U.S and their mutual quest for liberty. 

1. Cobot Guns Big Bang Pistol Set 

Type: Single-Action Pistol 

Price: $4,500,000

Availability: Available at Cabot’s website   

Notable for: Being made of a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite 

Described as the ‘magnum opus’ of the American gun company, this gun pair is constructed in the style of an M1911 and is fashioned entirely out of nothing but a portion of the Gibeon meteor. This ancient space object is believed to be almost as old as the earth itself, having struck the planet some 4.5 billion years ago. 

However, it is not only the gun material is that is out of this world – so is its mind-boggling price. At $4.5 million (or $2.25 million each), the gun set from Cobot can be said to be easily among the most expensive guns you will find on the market.  And, just in case you are curious – yes, these guns are not only completely functional but accurate as well. 


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