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The Best 9mm Handguns in 2022

Posted May 15th, 2022

The Best 9mm Handguns in 2022

The 9mm is by far the most popular handgun out there, and there are several reasons for its popularity. First of all, a 9mm is a high-capacity firearm, and its ammo is easily available. Furthermore, it has less recoil, and it is very effective for self-defense purposes. If you are new to handguns, here are three primary 9mm categories to watch out for. 

Concealed Carry Pistols 

As the name implies, a concealed carry pistol is lightweight and can be carried anywhere without exposure. Concealed carry 9mm pistols come in various shapes and sizes. They can vary from single-stack, which are pocket-size handguns, to compact combat pistols. However, for concealed carry, you must opt for CCW insurance

Home Defense Handguns

The great thing about home defense handguns, apart from being able to protect your loved ones, is that you can go as big as you want. A gun for self-defense purposes doesn’t need any concealment. Bigger handguns have a better capacity, as well as easier recoil. 

Range Pistols 

There are different categories for range pistols. They appear in the form of fun plinkers, competition firearms, and the wide range of pistols found at a shooting range. 

Concealed Carry 9mm Pistols 

Here are some of the popular 9mm pistols for concealed carry. 

SIG P365

When it first came out, the SIG P365 proved to be a game changer. Therefore, it was adopted by gun enthusiasts all over. They have squeezed the capacity of a double stack gun into a singles-sized gun. This pistol is light, easy to carry, and suitable for shooters of all ages. The P365 is a purpose built firearm that comes in various capacities. Capacities of 10 and 12 rounds are most common. However, there is an extended magazine, capable of holding 15 rounds. 

There are two other versions of the SIG P365, namely the P365 XL and the P365 SAS. They both offer a higher capacity. Moreover, the P365 SAS has been smoothed so it doesn’t snag. However, because it is a sub-compact pistol, it is a little challenging to use. But with practice, you can shoot it as comfortably and as confidently as you would shoot a bigger 9mm firearm. 


The VP9SK by Heckler and Koch has all the qualities of a normal-sized 9mm pistol in a concealable design. It might sound far-fetched, but the company claims that the VP9SK has some of the best ergonomics for a concealed 9mm pistol. What’s amazing about this gun is that it comes with different interchangeable grip panels, which helps personalize the perfect grip for your gun. 

If you look at it from the concealability viewpoint, this gun is a bit thicker compared to the SIG P365. It is not as small as you might prefer, and it is certainly not comfortable for appendix carry. However, the size of this gun is still not a deal-breaker. One of the upsides of this gun is that, unlike smaller concealable firearms, it is convenient to handle and shoot. Moreover, this gun is known for its dependability. You can run it through a torture test, and it won’t disappoint you. Also, the VP9SK by HK is compatible with most 9mm ammo, provided the ammo is genuine.

Some of its best features include decent side serrations, a smooth and crisp trigger, and the grip options we have just discussed. However, the only downside is the price. This gun is on the high end, but the price can be justified by its versatility. 

Glock 43X

The Glock 43X is a slim-lined single stack pistol made specifically for concealed carry. It happens to be a hybrid handgun and its design and build resemble that of a G48. The only difference is its compact shape and concealability. So, how is it different from the G43? 

Well, the G43 can only carry six rounds. On the flip side, a Glock 43X can offer a 10+1 configuration. Furthermore, the increase in capacity has no impact whatsoever on the comfort and the convenience of shooting and carrying.

To enhance the grip size, the Glock 43X offers a slightly wider and taller frame.  However, this maneuver comes with its own complications. The holsters and magazines for this firearm aren’t interchangeable, and therefore, you have to be very particular. While responding to their customers’ needs, Glock added some front serrations to the gun, thus enhancing the cocking comfort and grip. 

However, this firearm isn’t as comfortable as a Walther or a SIG. On the bright side, if you have prior experience with other Glock models, you won’t have a hard time switching to this one. 

Springfield Hellcat – 9MM

This is an incredible gun that offers immense capacity considering its small size. The most noticeable spec on this handgun is the wrap-around serration. These serrations offer great gripping capability without needing any red dot system. Speaking of red dots, the Springfield Hellcat 9mm pistol has built-in holes drilled specifically for red dot upgrades. 

Moreover, this firearm has a full-size rail of accessories, which means that it welcomes upgrades and modifications with open arms. Furthermore, this gun is known for its accuracy, and you won’t encounter any snagging while firing. However, there are some downsides to this firearm. First of all, the trigger isn’t the best, and it is a bit pricey. Moreover, it doesn’t offer the top-tier feel that you get with a SIG. 

Walther CCP

This gun is popular and attractive. It combines a polymer frame with a striker-fired pistol. However, the system deploys Walther’s signature softcoil technology. The system minimizes the recoil, while establishing this gun as a soft shooter. One can easily rack the sides, and it is suitable for any shooter, regardless of their experience with other firearms. 

The CCP M2 by Walther is a subcompact/single stack firearm, which makes it perfect for concealed carry. The design makes it the perfect handgun for people with smaller hands or a weaker grip. Women and beginners can carry and shoot it with great ease. However, unlike the P365, the Walther CCP M2 is not as compact, and it is a little hard to handle. Moreover, despite being an ideal firearm for small-handed individuals, it is still a bit larger than the P365. One of the downsides is the longer trigger pull. 

Ruger LCR 9MM

What’s amazing about this gun is the trigger, which happens to be one of the best stock revolver triggers in the marketplace. It is one of the few firearms which are 9mms, but the shape and build is that of a revolver. It is a very modern and futuristic firearm. The frame is partially made of polymer, which reduces its weight. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any pricey metals like scandium. 

This gun is fantastic for concealed carry. However, the absence of a rear view and the ultra-short barrel makes it difficult to shoot. If you are new to pistols, you’re better off staying away from this gun. Even if you do decide to go the Ruger LCR route, make sure you spend some time practicing with it. On the bright side, this pistol is small, light and perfectly concealable, but only for experienced shooters. Furthermore, it has an innovative design without any unnecessary frills. 

Home Defense Pistols 

Now, let’s shift gears just a bit, and talk about 9mm pistols for home defense. 

Sig Sauer P226

The Sig Sauer P226 is a great gun for self and home defense, and it is also used by police and other law enforcement professionals. As opposed to guns for concealed carry, this gun is made of metal, and comes with a full-size body. Moreover, it is known for its comfort and ergonomics and is very easy to control. 

The P226 is equipped with an SA/DA trigger. With this system, you need a big solid pull for the first shot, followed by slow and soft pulls for the remaining shots. Besides the ease of control, the P226 is also easy to shoot. The modern variants of this gun contain light rails and SIG night lights for better visibility. However, this gun is a bit hard on the wallet, so do factor in your budget before purchasing. 


Not only is this gun affordable, but it also offers amazing features for the price. It is one of the most reliable handguns, made of polymer, which makes it a lightweight option. Moreover, the trigger on it is one of the best stock triggers in the marketplace. So, is this gun a replacement for the Walther or the Glock? No, sir. 

But if you like to remain within a budget, this gun is just right for you. The downside is, this gun is a bit taller in your hand, and it comes with a single magazine, which makes you purchase more of them. 

Ruger Security 9

Most budget guns aren’t too enjoyable in terms of shooting comfort and handling. Moreover, those guns also have reliability issues. However, this gun has changed those trends. This gun is reliable, affordable and quite modern and futuristic in its design and morphology. 

The trigger on this gun is not too fancy and gets the job done when you need it. The Ruger Security 9 is a comfortable full-size 9mm pistol. The gun comes with 2 magazines, each able to carry 15 rounds. Moreover, it also comes with interchangeable sights and Picatinny rails. 

S&W M&P Shield 9 EZ

This gun happens to be a descendent of the EZ line S&W that came out in 2018. It is designed with the goal of enhancing the ease of operation for beginners and people with limited hand strength. The scalloped sides on this gun makes it easier for people to grip and use this firearm. 

Moreover, it also contains magazine thumb studs, and offers a softer recoil. Some of the downsides to this gun are the difficulty in magazine feeding and the smaller capacity. Other than that, it is a decent firearm for the price. 

Best Shooting Range 9mm Pistols

Let’s look at some of the best shooting range 9mm pistols. 


The first striker-fired gun by H&K was released back in 1970. That gun was a flop, and therefore, it has taken the manufacturer more than 40 years to present a gun that actually did the trick. This firearm is available in two models. The first one is the VP9, and then there is the VP9B. The later versions of the VP9B have the American-styled magazine release push button. This gun is extremely accurate and enjoyable to shoot. However, it is a bit pricey and has a limited aftermarket. Furthermore, the grip texture isn’t up to par, but that doesn’t affect its performance on the range. 

Walther PPQ

The PPQ by Walther is considered one of the best firearms for the shooting range. This is another striker-fired gun with a polymer frame. Moreover, it has one of the best triggers for a production gun. Furthermore, the trigger is very light and needs a 0.1-inch reset.  If you’re looking for accuracy, it is best to opt for the 5-inch barrel. The 5-inch barrel offers great sight relief, as well as enhanced visibility. 

Moreover, it offers great ergonomics, which makes it perfect for the range. The grip is quite comfortable, but it is big, which compromises its concealability. However, the magazines are expensive, and the aftermarket is limited. 

The 9mm pistols mentioned above are but a drop of water in a massive ocean of guns out there. If you want to know more about 9mm guns and the gear they require, you have come to just the place. At Detroit Arms and Co. we sell ammunition and gear, that too at the best prices. Moreover, we also publish monthly long form blogs and news posts, thus keeping our followers updated with the latest news in the world of firearms and warfare. To get in touch, feel free to visit our website today.