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Ukraine War: Kyiv Prepares for Russian Attack

Posted Mar 24th, 2022

Ukraine War: Kyiv Prepares for Russian Attack

For the time being, the Russian forces have paused their escalating offensive against Kyiv. However, authorities say the  Russians are regrouping for another attack. Watching Russia’s stuttering ground invasion in Ukraine, some Kremlin observers have deduced that Putin’s days are all but done. However, there are some that disagree with this claim. Moreover, Ukrainians with Relatives in the US are having a hard time uniting with them. 

According to the UK’s Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv is a military objective for Moscow. The UK has warned of an encircling of the city in the coming weeks. The MOD has also informed that despite slow progress in the area, Russian forces are fighting relentlessly in the Northern parts of the Ukrainian capital. The intelligence assessment from the MOD stated that the majority of Russian troops are 25 kilometers from the center, and chances are, the city might fall. 

According to the I News site, this warning came from the MOD after Russia seized to pause its shelling offensive on Kyiv on the 21st of March 2022, in the early hours. Among the targets were houses and a major portion of a big shopping mall. The site has also reported that rescue teams worked the entire night to extinguish the fire that engulfed the shopping mall and the homes struck by Russian shelling. According to some local reports, the number of confirmed casualties is six, but this number is tentative, and more casualties might happen. 

This renewed aerial attack on the city of Kyiv came right after the Ukrainian government refused to surrender the city of Mariupol to Russian forces. According to The Guardian, Russia asked the guardians of the city to lay down their arms on March 21st

According to news site Ukrainska Pravda, the deputy prime minister of Ukraine has said that there will be no surrenders, and Ukraine has told this to Russia in plain and simple words. The Ukrainian deputy prime minister has also asked Russia to stop wasting time and resources, and open a humanitarian effort for the war-stricken people of Ukraine. 

The Guardian says that Mariupol has endured some heavy bombardment, ever since Russian troops set foot in Ukraine. A fair percentage of the 400,000 people in Mariupol are still trapped within the city, with little or no water, food, and power. The Russian attack on Kyiv might take place soon if Ukraine doesn’t surrender the city of Mariupol. 

The Final Word 

Some people say that Russian attacks on Kyiv are an attempt by Vladimir Putin to reinstate Viktor Yanukovych, but this is just speculation. It is only a matter of time before we get the complete picture of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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