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US Approves an Extra $675 Million in Weapons for Ukraine

Posted Oct 13th, 2022

US Approves an Extra $675 Million in Weapons for Ukraine

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There is no hope for the Ukrainian army as the US approves an extra $675 million in weapons for Ukraine. The deal has just been approved by the president of the United States of America, Mr. Joe Biden. The Defense Secretary made this statement as U.S.-allied officials gathered to suggest strategies to provide Kyiv with ongoing assistance in fending off Russia’s assault. 


The battle lasted more than six months and claimed hundreds of lives while destroying Ukrainian cities where residents once went about their daily lives. Southern and Eastern sides of Ukraine have been the most affected due to the war. 


At the beginning of a conference of several military officials at the German air base Ramstein, the defense minister, said that the group would talk about how nations may cooperate to equip the Ukrainian military and strengthen their defenses.


Ammo, anti-tank systems, rockets, armored ambulances, and humvees will be part of the most recent American donation. Since the Russian soldiers attacked Ukraine on February 24, America has given President Zelenskiy’s administration well over ten billion dollars of military support.

Also, according to a high State Dept. source, the Secretary of State of the United States will announce two billion dollars in fresh military funding for the Ukrainian military. Eighteen additional nations in danger of future Russian assault also plan on doing so.

Despite the lack of data because it is a war-stricken zone, reports show Ukraine has now been conducting a military offensive through its southern regions. Several Western allies supporting Ukraine have cautioned that their military troops urgently need help since their stocks are growing short.

Ahead of the day of discussions with his peers, the defense minister commended the efforts made by colleagues in recent weeks to equip Ukraine with weaponry. He also indicated that the military ministers would be talking about sending Ukrainian service members on an overseas military exercise.

He continued by saying that he could tell that everyone at the table wanted to support the Ukrainian army.

Some renowned names were a part of the meeting, including the Ukrainian defense minister and representatives from allies. The NATO Secretary heard the defense minister say that the nature of the battle is evolving, which also changes their role. He further stated they would collaborate to provide Ukraine’s military with long-term training.

They will also collaborate to support Ukraine’s joint activities over the long term by integrating its strengths. He added that they would collaborate on innovation and manufacturing to satisfy Ukraine’s long-term demands for defense. They also plan on working as a team to enhance their defense industrial base to meet these objectives.

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