300 AAC Blackout brass processing service

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300 AAC Blackout brass processing service

Don’t have time or equipment needed to convert your own .223/5.56 brass into usable 300 Blackout brass. Look no further we will do it for you. During our brass processing service, we will cut, full length resize, deprime, trim to spec, swage the primer pockets, then tumble them in stainless steel media. Contact us today to learn more about our brass processing service.


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1 unit placed in your cart is for us to process up to 1000 pieces of your .223/5.56 brass sent to us into 300 blackout cases.

Steel, Aluminium, Blank or Berdan cases will not be processed.

Once you have made your purchase.

We recommend shipping your brass to us in a flat rate box from the United States Postal Service.

Include a copy of your receipt with your brass.

Ship brass to:

Detroit Ammunition Company

P.O. Box 871

South lyon, Mi 48178

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks once we receive your brass.

If you choose to have us prime your brass a small rifle primer will be used. Brand of primers used may vary depending on availability

Keep in mind you are responsible for the items you are sending until it reaches us at the address provided. We recommend purchasing insurance for high value shipments. If we do not receive your brass within 30 days of purchase your order will be cancelled and you will be given a refund in the form of a in store credit.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in
Optional service

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26 reviews for 300 AAC Blackout brass processing service

  1. Geo (verified owner)

    Could not be more pleased! Honestly i was expecting great service given the recommendations i had read but what i received in the mail blew my mind. I have more brass already in the mail headed their way! Simply AWESOME SERVICE!!!

  2. James Calderio

    I placed my order with Detroit ammunition company and shipped them 1000 pieces of 223 brass to be converted to 300 blackout . My order was received and processed in three days and shipped back to me. The Brass looks great, with outstanding customer service. Jim

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t consider myself a high volume shooter. I really like to spend my free time shooting and reloading for the shooting. I HATE processing my own brass! Detroit Ammo took my brass, processed it with annealing, and got it back to me quickly. The cases were clean, annealed, and ready to go as soon as I opened the box. If you own gurard trimmers and an annealer… keep doing your thing. Detroit Ammo lets me do mine!

  4. Ed

    Quick turn around ,shells were very clean and just about ready to load. Will be sending other work that needs done

  5. Brad

    Wanting to get a good stock of Blackout brass, but not wanting to spend the hours on the modifications to the 5.56 brass, I turned to DAC.

    1000 rounds cleaned, polished and resized in 3 days turnaround. There is no way that I could have done this in this time, and at this quality.

    I will definitely order again.

  6. Anonymous

    I had to resize all the cases as the necks were slightly undersize and I was collapsing the neck. This was with .308 cal, 110gr JRN pulled from GI .30 carbine. No problem loading after neck resize using standard RCBS .300 BLK sizing die. Otherwise, excellent brass.

  7. Anonymous

    Converting your own brass is such a pain. It’s worth it to send your brass to Detroit Ammo Co and have them convert it for less than 8 cents per round. All brass was in spec and squeaky clean. Had my brass back within a week of placing the order. Will certainly be using this service in the future

  8. Anonymous

    Great service and quick processing. Brass appears new and is all in specifications. Annealing is outstanding.

  9. Anonymous

    Super clean very fast return of brass. Will use them again very soon!!!

  10. Brandon

    Brass is clean inside and out, fast return shipping, great customer service!

  11. Ben Butterfield

    I sent 1000 cases to be formed, annealed and primed. I was nervous at first but they were returned back the end of the next week and they looked great. I received constant updates on the where my brass was in the process.

    I can’t wait to use them again.

  12. Tommy

    Top quality service! I had my brass annealed and primed and they are beautiful! Also, No hazmat fees.

  13. Daniel

    Could not be easier. Lots of corespondence with customer. Doesn’t take a long time to get your brass back. Quality work.

  14. Lance G

    I just have to say WOW! Great Job!

  15. Nick

    These guys know their stuff… the quality of my brass i got back from them was awesome..

    will be using them again in the future….

  16. Guy

    Great service! Good people! The extra $25 for the anneling is a steal.

  17. Steve S.

    You guys processed literally thousands of rounds for me. Outstanding to deal with!

  18. Jim L.

    Can’t tell you how pleased I am. Shiny, clean, well cut. Great value as well. Saved me a ton of time. I might have to re-think forming my own brass from now on

  19. Andy

    The brass I sent 13 days ago just got here; excellent quality, as described, happy as a clam. Thanks.

  20. Roberto E.

    Great service brass looks fabulous. I wish I have found you guys earlier

  21. Matthew W.

    No complaints on this service or on the returned brass! It’s like getting back new brass, cases were VERY clean, all fell into my sheridan case gauge!…on my 3rd order now, and creating a hunting round for deer Season (ONLY 4 MONTHS AWAY).

  22. Buddy

    Just wanted to say I’m really happy. I bought most of my brass used and already processed by other people selling the brass. I had trouble loading a lot of it. Since then, I have sent all my brass to you guys and had no problems. I’ve already reloaded 200 rounds and they’re clean, primers are fitting in fine, necks are crimping on the bullets without issues,

  23. Eric

    I was a little hesitant to pay upfront then sending my brass. But after I received all my brass back within two weeks I’m sending these guys all my brass to be processed. All the brass was super clean inside and out, Primer pockets were swaged, and trimmed to spec you get an A+ Detroit!

  24. Chad

    Sent 1050 pieces of lake city brass and recived 1050 lake city brass ready to load for my blackout no extra charge. great job guys thanks!

  25. Xavier, Brighton MI

    Just ordered my second batch. First batch was perfect. Looked like new without a single bad one in there at all. First rate job. Can’t imagine better customer service either. Thanks.

  26. Matt

    I’m just getting into the blackout. I did’nt have time to do all the brass prep. so I sent it. With in a week and a half I had it all back You guys do good work. All were trimmed to 1.355+/- 0.06 the brass was very clean inside and out. I will be sending you more next month!

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