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Inert - 5.56x45mm Linked Dummy rounds

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  • Movie quality

  • Rounds are made to spec.

  • True realistic product

  • Great for re-en-actors, air-soft players, or display

Inert – 5.56x45mm Linked dummy rounds with inert new primers like we do with the movies. A BB will be inserted inside the brass and then crimp it over so It has the look of a live around but it’s completely inert. If you shake it the BB makes noise signifying a dummy.

5.56x45mm “Dummy” INERT rounds linked for the M249 SAW. All are properly sized, seated, and will chamber. New Inert primers are used for true realistic product. Actual brass casing and bullets. Again, these are NOT live rounds and CANNOT be made to fire. Great for re-enactors, air-soft players with M249, or display

Designed for display and training only. High Capacity Magazine Laws & Restrictions Due to State & Federal law we do not ship magazines that exceed the following capacities to the following locations: California – 10 round maximum for all magazines. Colorado – 15 round maximum for all magazines. Connecticut – 10 round maximum for all magazines. Hawaii – 10 round maximum for all magazines. Illinois – 15 round maximum for Chicago and Aurora. 10 round maximum for Oak Park and Cook County. Maryland – 20 round maximum for all magazines. Massachusetts – 10 round maximum for all magazines New Jersey – 10 round maximum for all magazines. New York- 7 round maximum for all magazines.  International- No gun magazines can be exported from the USA

ManufacturerTriple R Munitions, Inc
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