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Hand Gun Ammunition NAS3 Subsonic 9mm 165gr RN image 1
Hand Gun Ammunition NAS3 Subsonic 9mm 165gr RN image 1

NAS3 Subsonic 9mm 165gr RN

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Why such a heavy bullet? What do 165-grain bullets do that a 115-grain bullet can’t? The heavy bullets are slower and won’t break the sound barrier, which is 1125 feet per second at 68˚F. It varies depending on temperature. Advertised speeds for our 165-grain bullet are around 880 fps or less from pistols and are not likely to reach the speed of sound even from the longer barrels of submachine guns and carbines. That makes them a good choice for suppressed guns as they will remain subsonic and won’t produce the “crack” sound of little sonic booms that faster bullets do when they break the sound barrier. In fact, most 9mm ammunition with 165-grain and heavier bullets are use for this purpose. That said, 147-grain bullets, which travel around 1000 to 1050 fps from the typical pistol barrel, are not bound to break the sound barrier, either, though some might at some temperatures and from long barrels.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –



Grain Weight165Gr
Bullet Style Round Nose
Case Type NAS3
Muzzle Velocity 880 Feet Per Second
Lead Free No
Muzzle Energy 284 Foot Pounds