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Rifle Ammunition Subsonic .308 Winchester 168gr HPBT 20 Rounds image 1
Rifle Ammunition Subsonic .308 Winchester 168gr HPBT 20 Rounds image 1

Subsonic .308 Winchester 168gr HPBT 20 Rounds

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This ammunition intentionally does not cycle the actions in semi automatic rifles, for the ultimate in quiet shooting.  Each round must be manually ejected.

So why would anyone want to shoot subsonic loads in their non-suppressed rifle? Turns out there are several reasons that can fit the needs of a couple niches of the market. One reason is decreased noise. For folks practicing in populated areas or with picky neighbors, subsonic offers a less noisy experience. Ear pro is still necessary; without a suppressor, it’s not that quiet, just less noisy.

Another reason is decreased recoil. Subsonic loads literally eliminated it. The difference was so extreme as to inspire a “wait, what?” followed by amused laughter. The no-recoil experience would be great for folks who want to practice marksmanship while recovering from a clavicle or shoulder injury.  It’s also a confidence booster for his young children and eliminates the need to pack a rimfire rifle and ammo along when she goes with him to the range. Children can have the experience of shooting “daddy’s gun,” sans the discouraging, and with a scope potentially injurious, recoil.

Less heat is generated by subsonic firing, which over time should mean less wear and tear on parts. At the same time, there didn’t seem to be excess carbon buildup in either rifle as a result of using these loads.


Grain Weight168Gr
Caliber308 Winchester
Muzzle Velocity 1080 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 428 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Hollow Point Boat Tail
Lead Free No
Case Type Brass